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Ruth Wilson Pulls Off Dior’s Pants-Dress Combo (Forum Buzz)

Ruth Wilson Pulls Off Dior’s Pants-Dress Combo

English actress Ruth Wilson may have been at a Burberry-associated event (the 58th London Evening Standard Theatre Awards) this past weekend, but she shined in a black and pink Dior couture pants-dress combo. In this ensemble, Ruth proved that there are some people in this world (not Emma Watson) who can make that kind of thing work.

“Amazing in Dior Couture!” LolaSvelt exclaimed.

“And at a Burberry associated event no less? How'd she pull that one off? She looks quite amazing in it, glad she did!” HeatherAnne commented.

Melly5525 called the look “modern, sexy and cool.”

Mint condish remarked that “Ruth is such a badass.” That’s not how you would typically describe a woman in Dior, but I guess in this case it works. Well played, Ruth.