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Oh Sure, Why Wouldn’t I Buy a $695 Bra from Playboy?

Because you've come a long way baby, the nice man in the smoking jacket's saying you can finally put those bunny ears into retirement. 

Playboy is joining the rest of the modern world on the fashion bandwagon with a new and very special collaboration with #cool #NewYork #designers #emerging #young #Parsons #brand Cushnie et Ochs.

In what must be an attempt to appeal to that not-insignificant swath of American consumers that don't think "Sexy Swashbuckler" is the paragon of attractiveness, Playboy's online store is now selling a haute "harnesslike" leather bra designed by designers whose designs actual women actually want to wear. 

I'm not going to lie just for effect: Playboy's Cushnie et Ochs limited-edition bra (pictured here) looks awesome. It looks like one of the bustiers Jennifer Lopez might have worn in Selena. (In case this isn't clear — that's a compliment of the highest order.)

Still, I'm a small fortune away from ever purchasing a bra (no matter who drew the sketches) that costs $695, especially from an online store that also sells tuxedo panties. The designers are launching the piece at a special "pop-up lounge" as part of the Playboy A$AP concert at Art Basel Miami today. I'm going to follow their example and start fêteing my new undergarments, too — and preferably at international art fairs, like a civilized person. 

Images via Playboy Store, Glamour