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Karl Lagerfeld Likes ‘Em Young in the Chanel Spring 2013 Ad Campaign (Forum Buzz)

Ondria Hardin and Yumi Lambert for Chanel Spring 2013 - photographed by Karl Lagerfeld

So, Stella Tennant may not exactly be young (in model years anyway), but Ondria Hardin and Yumi Lambert certainly are. Hardin’s age is up for debate (she’s either 15 or 16), and Lambert tips the scales at the ripe old age of 16. Despite her tender age, Chanel had no qualms about styling Hardin in a see-through ensemble for the Spring 2013 campaign – which was, of course, lensed by Karl Lagerfeld. In addition to the young models, this campaign is a change of pace for Chanel visually, boasting a Japanese-inspired set and theme that was prevalent in the brand’s collection.

Stella Tennant and Ondria Hardin for Chanel Spring 2013 - photographed by Karl Lagerfeld

“Love it!” mikel exclaimed. “It's a great concept. Love the styling and colors.”

“I like the concept of it,” StoneSkipper commented. “The background looks a little flat, but the clothes are well-presented.”

MulletProof wrote: “Well… [Lagerfeld’s] photography really jumps from one trend to another. I do like the Japanese touch, just because it's one of the S/S ‘13 trends I'm actually attracted to… and Yumi's appearance also makes this quite special. It is in general, a very insipid set but I suppose it makes for a necessary break from the outdoors productions.”

Stella Tennant, Ondria Hardin, and Yumi Lambert for Chanel Spring 2013 - photographed by Karl Lagerfeld

Legolas noted: “It screams 90s to me… This is great… Now, this tells me a story, and I love it; I really don't know why, maybe because of the poses and the set, I cannot help but relate the whole thing to psychology, which I think gives an intellectual contribution to the campaign, and at least in my case, makes the clothes look a lot more interesting… and what a lovely surprise to see Ondria and Yumi, they're definitely perfect casting, I think they both fit the aesthetic very well.”

This isn’t the most incredible Chanel campaign I’ve ever seen, but I think it represents a nice change of pace for Chanel. The great debate about model ages can rage on, but I have to admit, the young Ondria doesn’t do much for me. I much prefer Yumi’s exotic looks, and if I’m being honest, I think Stella outshines both of the newbies. Seriously, give me Stella Tennant any day. Let’s hope the young ones were watching, learning, and taking notes from her during this photo shoot.

Stella Tennant for Chanel Spring 2013 - photographed by Karl Lagerfeld

Images scanned by tFS forum member Northern Star.