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We’re Obsessed With Naomi Watts on the Cover of Vogue Australia’s February Issue (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Australia February 2012 - Naomi Watts styled by Stevie Dance

We’ve only seen the subscriber cover, but so far, we’re obsessed with Naomi Watts (who’s starring in an upcoming film as the late Princess Diana) on Vogue Australia’s February issue. Styled by Stevie Dance, Watts is pictured in a ruffled green Gucci gown against a multicolored floral background with the caption “Fashion in Full Bloom.”

“This is absolutely beautiful!” birdyandme exclaimed. “Naomi looks gorgeous here, and everything about the cover is a huge hit for me; the colors, the pose; the gown.”

“Love Naomi!” MulletProof gushed. “And that background is gorgeous,” she added.

YoninahAliza posted: “This is an amazingly beautiful cover; from Naomi's pose, to the gown, the background, and the minimal text…it's the whole package. What I really appreciate about this cover is that Vogue Australia was able to take a celebrity who's career/life-story I've never particularly followed and suddenly make me interested in reading an interview with her and seeing an editorial with her, just from the cover alone. Very impressive and I'll be honest, not something that happens a lot these days. And now I'm actually more curious about seeing her performance as Princess Diana, someone who I've admired since I was a little girl. So well done Vogue Australia!”

Well done, indeed. Vogue Australia went through a bit of a regime change last year, but it doesn’t seem to have hurt them one bit. They keep turning out beautiful cover after beautiful cover, and I look forward to seeing what they do to try to top this one as the year progresses.

Magazine cover photographed by Fashion Spot forum member AL92.