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Juergen Teller Photographed Emma Stone for W’s February Issue (Forum Buzz)

W February 2013 - Emma Stone photographed by Juergen Teller

Juergen Teller and his harsh lighting captured Emma Stone for the cover of W’s February Movie Issue. Sporting stringy blonde hair, a strapless bra and a carefully draped leather jacket, Emma looks a bit grittier than we’re used to seeing her. Is that a nod to her upcoming film, Gangster Squad, or simply the result of W’s continued efforts to subvert the appearance of its cover stars?

Though there were some mixed feelings in the forums about the cover, many forum members were surprised by how much they liked it and admired W’s commitment to trying different things.

“Is it wrong that I don't actually hate it?” Greenway asked. “The pose and styling work for me but the face could have been a bit stronger,” she added.

“YES! YES! YES!” jmrmartinho shouted. “This is what I want to see in a celebrity spread… Transforming America’s Sweetheart into something different, more edgy, and in my opinion way more interesting, just makes me more excited about the usual boring studio pictures Movie Issue… W is proving that American magazines do not always play it safe and they are (basically) the only ones doing it.”

Youarearockstar shared, “I'm super into this, and would immediately snatch this off the shelves of the newsstand.”

This may not be my personal favorite look for Emma Stone, but I kind of dig the subversive quality of the image and I’m looking forward to cracking the issue open when it hits my mailbox.