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Kate Bosworth’s Sundance Fashion Misstep (Forum Buzz)

We all know Kate Bosworth is something of a fashion icon, and maybe she sometimes tries a little too hard to be on the cutting edge. Her look at the premiere of her new film, Big Sur, at the Sundance Film Festival is one of those times. She took a great look from Calvin Klein’s Pre-Fall 2013 collection and turned it into a scroll-down disaster by pairing it with white Spice Girls 2.0-style mid-calf boots.

“I just can't with the boots,” lelaid declared. “Maybe they'll grow on me because I love the rest of the outfit but I don’t know… they are so jarring.”

For balmain, the style fail went beyond just the boots. “If that top were a dress and you axed the skirt altogether, I think it wouldn't look half bad. There're just too many weird lengths happening,” she concluded.

“The shoes are too ABBA and the color of the skirt is a little off but the top part looks good,” Buttercup assessed.

Wolkfolk zeroed in on whether the look was appropriate for the premiere to begin with. “I'm sorry but she looks absolutely ridiculous here, especially when you consider how all the other actresses have been dressing since the beginning of Sundance,” he commented. “She's way too overdressed for the occasion and those 90s Spice Girls boots are just the worst final touch ever.”

To be fair to Kate, Calvin Klein Collection hosted a dinner that same night to fete the film, so it makes sense that she would be wearing a look by the brand. Those boots though. Can’t. Get. Past. Them.

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