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Cameron Diaz? Is That You on Interview Russia? (Forum Buzz)

Interview Russia March 2013 - Cameron DiazInterview Russia March 2013 - Cameron Diaz

Interview seems to be making a habit of making their cover stars unrecognizable (see Heidi Klum on Interview Germany for example) and the latest “victim” is Cameron Diaz on the magazine’s Russian edition. In both black and white and in color, Cameron drew comparisons to a bevy of other women she looked more like than herself. Maybe not the best use of her star power?

“She looks more like Jessica Chastain,” jmrmartinho decided. “The first cover is good, the other one is awful.”

“I’m not crazy about either cover but that second one is just scary,” lelaid agreed.

LizzyF thought, “She looks like Debbie Harry,” while VogueDisciple93 “thought it was a cleaned up Courtney Love.”

Vogue28 threw Heidi Mount’s name into the mix, and Psylocke laughed at all the comparisons, saying, “I was convinced when I looked at the first shot that it was May Andersen. How odd! I find both covers creative and fun, I don't mind that it's impossible to tell it's Cameron.”

I kind of don’t mind that I can’t tell it’s Cameron either to be honest. The covers are kind of edgy and different, and I’d rather see something like this than another typical glamour shot. So, as far as I’m concerned, Interview can just keep on keeping on with their unrecognizable cover girls.