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Nicki Minaj on the Cover of Elle: Is This the Best or Worst She’s Ever Looked? (Forum Buzz)

Elle April 2013 - Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj appears on the April 2013 cover of Elle as a more pared-down version of her usual over-the-top self, and though the images haven’t been available for long, they’re already the source of great debate among forum members. This Nicki Minaj Elle cover and accompanying editorial photos (styled by Joe Zee) presents one of those situations where there’s no middle ground. You either love it or hate it, and though I personally fall into the “love it” category, not all forum members would agree with me.

“Oh hell no…” Psylocke groaned. “How awkward to have a ‘Your prettiest hair in 2 minutes’ tagline on the cover when the cover subject has such a gross mess on her head. Also, why the depressing grey background à la US Vogue? Especially when you put Nicki Minaj on the cover? This all makes no sense.”

Elle April 2013 - Nicki MinajElle April 2013 - Nicki Minaj

Miss Dalloway wasn’t a fan either. “This is horrible, I don't like anything about this cover,” she commented. “The unzipped jacket is so unnecessary and not something I wanted to see, and the hair is just nasty!”

MulletProof fell into a different camp. “Raunchy. I love you, Nicki,” she declared.

Visualoptimism posted: “It's actually not so bad! She looks pretty decent and her hair looks good just like that. I also really like the colors and the yellow font.”

I kind of love this stripped down version of Nicki. I think it’s great that she’s willing to put her self-made image aside and really succumb to the vision of magazine editors and stylists. She’s allowing them to express their artistic freedom and I respect that. She’s not hiding behind her makeup and she’s not afraid to sort of lift the veil and show us another side of her.

Elle April 2013 - Nicki MinajElle April 2013 - Nicki Minaj