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Candice Swanepoel Looks Her Best (EVER) on This 90s-Style Vogue Spain Cover (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Spain April 2013 - Candice SwanepoelCandice Swanepoel is undeniably gorgeous, but there’s something about the 90s-era supermodel styling on the cover of Vogue Spain’s April cover that takes her beauty to another level. In her high-waisted jeans and cropped top she looks like a Guess girl from the good ol’ days – in the best way possible. Forum members are unabashedly declaring that Candice has never looked better.

“This looks like a classic 90s cover, but somehow not dated at all. And Candice looks great,” SugarMe posted.

“Cover crush alert!” Valentine27 gushed. “Lovely styling and pose. I really appreciate the natural hair and soft makeup. It does give a nice 90s vibe. Candice looks absolutely impeccable. The best I've seen from her lately.”

“Man oh man I love this cover,” Elfinkova shared. “Like others have already mentioned this is so 90s, which I adore, but most of all I love the effortlessness of the image. Candice is perfect here and I'm unsure this would have worked with another model.”

All this praise and we haven’t even seen a high-quality version of the cover or editorial yet. Well played, Vogue Spain (even though you would do well to lose half the text that’s marring the image).

Images via the TFS forums