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Karlie Kloss Officially Has Her Victoria’s Secret Angel Wings (Forum Buzz)

Karlie Kloss - Victoria's Secret profile

Though Karlie Kloss got tongues wagging earlier this week by appearing at Victoria’s Secret events with some of the brand’s official Angels, it wasn’t until today, when a forum member discovered that the model had gotten her own Angel profile on the Victoria’s Secret website that the news became official.

“Karlie has gotten what other ‘presumed/assumed/wished for’ models like Lais Ribeiro/Barbara Palvin/Arlenis Sosa/Toni Garrn/Bregje Heinen etc have not gotten,” tlg00 announced. “She has an Angel profile. I know some people weren't considering her legit until she got on the VS site. Well, she's there. Congratulations Karlie.”

“Yay Karlie, couldn't have happened to a nicer human being,” Littleathquakes posted. “And I think that's the first time I've seen her height (presumably her true height) listed.” Props to Victoria’s Secret for acknowledging the undeniable fact that Karlie is super tall.

Labelwhore commented, “I'm ecstatic about Karlie. She deserves this and more. While I'm happy for her, looking at their lineup is depressing,” she added. “All white girls, no diversity. I guess it matches the current attitude people have in the fashion industry.”

Not to sound like a broken record – and congratulations to all the white girls who are doing super well – but there’s something seriously wrong with the model casting process and that needs to change. Stat.