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Numéro Thailand Embraces Diversity; Puts Carmen Solomons on the April 2013 Cover (Forum Buzz)

Numero Thailand April 2013 - Carmen Solomons

Since the lack of diversity in the modeling pool has been a prevalent topic lately, it seemed right to take a look at Numéro Thailand’s April issue. Covered by South African model Carmen Solomons, I think it’s a prime example of a publication embracing a non-white model (who has a really unique, multi-racial look) and being all the better for it. Carmen doesn’t have a “typical” look for Thailand, and she doesn’t fit the universal standard of white woman beauty, but she is completely and utterly stunning (seriously, just check out her thread in the forums for more images).

The Numéro cover was met with near unanimous approval in the forums. Amata54 wrote, “Good job! She's so gorgeous.”

Numéro Thailand keeps getting better,” slowdownbaby wrote. “This is my favorite cover yet.”

“How awesome!” coolasfcuk1010 exclaimed. “I haven't seen or heard of her in a while, she looks good and it's great to see her get a cover!”

So, what do you think of that? A non-white model is on the cover of a magazine and we all love it.

Image via Numero Thailand.