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Let’s Talk About Michelle Williams’ Hair For a Second (Forum Buzz)

Michelle WilliamsMichelle Williams has been rocking a cropped cut for a while now, but her ‘do has recently taken on an edgier (shall I say more experimental?) vibe. I don’t know if it’s her recent split with Jason Segel – breakups are notorious for spurring drastic hair changes – or some other cosmic force that brought this on (could it just be a weird, in-between growing out phase?), but I can’t quite decide what to think about it. And neither it seems, can the other forum members.

At the launch of stylist Kate Young’s Target line, Michelle sported some seriously asymmetrical styling on her head. Maybe she was inspired by Kate Lanphear, but I’m thinking Michelle’s face, look and style are just too sweet for that amount of edge.

“Oh no, her hair does not look too good in those pics,” Alma Kemp posted. “And it looks like it annoys her,” she added.

Sobriquet87 wrote: “I love her hair. It's quite edgy.”

“Yeah, I actually really like it,” tapenerd agreed. “It's definitely awkward and seems annoying, but I think for someone in the growing out phase, this is the best!”

“My twitter feed was full of people raving about this hair cut… to me it looks like a combover,” glitterpeacock quipped. That’s one way of putting it… can we call Michelle’s look combover chic? Or is that pushing it?

Image: Joel Ginsburg/