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Coachella: Where Good Style Goes Bad for Kate Bosworth and Diane Kruger (Forum Buzz)

Kate Bosworth in TopShop at Coachella - Day 2

Kate Bosworth is more known for her sartorial choices than her acting these days and best-dressed staple Diane Kruger can seemingly do no wrong on the style front. So why then, did these ladies take such a bad style turn when they hit the Coachella music festival? If these two managed to do it wrong, you can imagine what happened with everyone else…

Kate (who actually looked super cute the first day of the festival), took a turn on Day Two. Kate’s second day outfit consisted of items from the collection she designed for TopShop, which hits stores next month. So, unfortunately, she’s really responsible for the not-so-good look in more ways than one. Not only did she put together an awkward outfit, but she also designed the individual components.

Diane Kruger in H&M - Coachella Day 1“I really hate that,” m4fh wrote. “It's very boho TopShop from a few years ago and just too much. She can do better.”

LolaSvelt commented: “Tragic, tragic outfit. I think that outfit pretty much sums up her casual style nowadays. And even worse, she designed that ensemble. Don't give up your day job,” she advised.

Maybe Diane’s fashion faux pas can be explained away by her commitment to wearing H&M from head to toe? The actress attended the 2013 H&M Loves Music Coachella Kick Off Event with Joshua Jackson (who was also completely clad in H&M). She wore an H&M Rolling Stones tee with a pair of the brand’s graphic print shorts and suede over-the-knee boots. The tee and shorts are admittedly cute, but the boots are where the outfit takes a turn.

“Has she been possessed by a hipster?” Label Basher asked. “The top half looks great. Her top and shorts are cute but those boots are horrendous. The fashion at Coachella is always 90% horrible. I expect better from Diane.”

“Good lord that's one ugly pair of boots!!!” Wolkfolk exclaimed.

Not Plain Jane posted: “Burn those boots – put them with Bosworth's vest and light that stake on FIRE! Good lord, what happens to these celebs during a festival? Their style is atrocious.”

That’s the million-dollar question. Maybe Diane chose the footwear in case it was muddy? That way, if they got ruined she wouldn’t care and would just throw them away? She should do that anyway, really. Those boots belong in a dumpster.

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