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Eugene Hütz & Katlin Aas Cover Vogue Ukraine’s May Issue (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Ukraine May 2013

I have to confess – I think I may be completely charmed by Vogue Ukraine based on their covers alone. They featured Daria Werbowy on their debut cover and now model Katlin Aas joins Ukrainian actor/musician Eugene Hütz on the cover of their latest issue (photographed by Mark Seliger).

I think it’s a gutsy move to make a man the main event on a women’s fashion magazine cover – especially a brand new women’s fashion magazine – but if Vogue Ukraine is going to feature someone, I’m glad it’s Eugene. His Gypsy punk band, Gogol Bordello has a sound that’s… shall we say, unique, and if you haven’t seen him in the film Everything is Illuminated, then I urge you to drop everything (seriously, you can even stop reading this post) and find a way to watch it RIGHT NOW. He’s simultaneously hilarious and utterly charming, I promise. But, I digress. Back to Vogue Ukraine’s May issue.

This is wonderful. Again. Not a big fan of Katlin, but she looks really good,” MyNameIs commented. “And putting Eugene Hütz on the cover is such a fresh and cool choice. I love the styling and the colors,” he added.

“This cover is great,” Luxx agreed. “It is definitely unique and attention getting.”

Some forum members weren’t too keen on the fact that Hütz is the cover’s main attraction, or that the color scheme on the cover is a bit dark for May, but let's just rememer that this is Vogue Ukraine. If you know anything about Hütz then he’ll certainly be of interest, and call me crazy, but I like the ethnic, dark, covered-up vibe of the cover. I don’t know much about Ukraine, but this feels right to me.

Image via Vogue Ukraine