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Natasha Poly Makes Her 10th Appearance on the Cover of Vogue Russia (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Russia May 2013 - Natasha Poly

Patrick Demarchelier photographed Natasha Poly for her tenth appearance on the cover of Vogue Russia, and it is awesome. Also awesome? Natasha’s editorial within the issue.

TeeVanity called it “a stellar way to celebrate her tenth cover. Just perfection, Natasha forever slays,” he added.

“Looks like I finally have to buy me some Vogue Russia,” Sweet rus shared. “There is something a bit off about Natasha's eyes, like she is bored and is purposely trying to show as little expression as possible, but overall it works somehow. Maybe it's the reds that get me, maybe it's Natasha's persona but when I saw this cover I realized I wanted to get my hands on it.”

Vogue Russia May 2013 - Natasha Poly photographed by Patrick DemarchelierVogue Russia May 2013 - Natasha Poly photographed by Patrick Demarchelier

MON essentially fainted over the cover. “Perfect in all aspects!” he exclaimed. “That stare haunts me!! It’s so beautiful! I can’t even… the colors fit perfectly, the lights also and that stare!!! That stare!!! So innocent, so pure! I love it. Although, the masthead should’ve been behind her,” he conceded.

For the record, I’m cool with the masthead being exactly where it is. It works, it’s punchy and the magazine is called Vogue after all – why try to hide that?

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