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Natasha Poly’s Got a Baby on Board (Forum Buzz)

Natasha Poly pregnancy announcementNatasha Poly spilled the beans Thursday on Instagram: she and her husband, Dutch businessman Peter Bakker, are expecting their first child. A picture may say a thousand words, but the 27-year-old model went ahead and supplemented a photo of herself (looking natural and beautiful, of course) clutching the swell of her new baby bump with the caption “Baby on board.”

Forum members sang out a chorus of congratulations. “YAAY!!!! Such marvelous news! Wish her all the best,” MyFavorite posted.

Valentine27 posted, “She looks radiant! I'm so thrilled for her and her husband. And I must say she's been hiding that baby bump well, because it looks like she’s been pregnant for a few months already.”

No other news as far as a due date is concerned, but I’ll add in my heartfelt congratulations for the mom-to-be. (Are we placing bets on whether Natasha will do a nude pregnancy photo shoot? If so, then put me in the camp that thinks she will.)

Image via Natasha Poly’s Instagram