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Vivienne Westwood Makes Virgin Look Good (Forum Buzz)

Vivienne WestwoodWith her latest collaboration, Vivienne Westwood is officially joining the ranks of Julien Macdonald, Balmain, Pucci and Halston by designing airline uniforms. Westwood has teamed up with Richard Branson and Virgin Atlantic to revamp the brand’s signature red ensembles. The collaboration is set to run for ten years and promises to completely overhaul the airline’s outfits in all areas.

Westwood has already tackled the cabin crew uniforms, giving female employees a nipped-in jacket and pencil skirt with a “cheeky dart and double pleat at the back,” and a three-piece Savile Row-inspired suit in burgundy wool for the men. Sounds like Virgin could be up for the unofficial chicest-in-the-sky award (according to me, anyway).

Vivienne Westwood for Virgin Atlantic UniformsPhuel is a bit more skeptical, though. “Interesting – in concept,” he commented. “I don't think it'll look remotely outstanding once it's on the actual crew. When people who don't really care for fashion are made to wear fashionable items, it rarely, if ever, turns out well. Crews are going to wear their own footwear, accessories, hairstyles, etc. with this uniform and it's going to be a mess for the most part.”

Even if the individual styling is a bit off, doesn’t it help to have a fashionable base?

Pilot uniforms are set to be unveiled later this year and I think it’s a safe bet that they’ll look sharp. It’s kind of impossible for a pilot to look bad, right?


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