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Hooray for Kerry Washington! But, This Elle Cover Could Have Been Better (Forum Buzz)

Elle June 2013 - Kerry Washington

First, Kerry Washington is a stunning woman. Her face should be plastered on magazine covers all the time (as far as I’m concerned, anyway). But, come on Elle. You could have done better with this. Sure, black, white and red are great together, but this June cover is not quite working. Between the extreme overload of text and the lackluster styling, Kerry is completely overwhelmed.

Elle June 2013 - Kerry Washington“She is a refreshing cover choice, but I don't like the makeup or the styling here!” Miss Dalloway commented. “And jeez could they not fit in more text there? There is plenty more room,” she quipped.

“You would almost think that this text is wallpaper on the set… the styling is disappointing, but she is beautiful,” KissMiss posted.

Vogue28 actually liked the cover. “I think this works and is one of Elle's better covers,” he shared. “Whilst I'm not overwhelmed with the actual cover shot, I just love the colors and text placement. All of the smaller cover lines suggest I might come across a few hidden treasures inside the issue – something I might not have known was inside.”

Here’s hoping the next magazine cover Kerry lands on will be better than this one. It's not the worst ever (by far), I just think she has so much potential to look off-the-charts amazing. She consistently does it on the red carpet, and I'm waiting for that to happen on a magazine.

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