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Dutch Vogue Uses Reprint from Doutzen Kroes Vogue UK Editorial for June 2013 Cover (Forum Buzz)

Last month, Vogue Netherlands surprised us by using its first non-Dutch model on a cover since launching the magazine in April 2012. This month, they went back to Dutch with Doutzen Kroes on the cover, but it’s another first for the publication: its first reprint. Forum members debated over the reasons for Vogue NL using an image from the Vogue UK January 2013 editorial shot by Josh Olins for its cover and raised the question of whether this means the magazine is already running out of budget

“Using a reprint is a very stupid decision for Vogue Netherlands. They won't be able to book a major top model for their cover anymore…. using reprints is perhaps their only option,” noted DutchHomme.

“Just gorgeous, interesting they went for a reprint, wonder if it was the case of low budget for this month, or just putting a beautiful image to good use!“ stated Miss Dalloway.

happycanadian also doesn't mind that the cover image is not new: “Reprint or not, it's a truly impactful cover which would stop me dead in my tracks in the magazine store. Doutzen is serving some epic face right here. Just breathtaking! And the colors are so dog-days-of-summer. Love it! Wish it were the cover of an issue with bigger circulation.”

“I don't think reprints are so bad… at least not when the results are as stunning as this. Every once in a while I think it’s ok to see great work a second time in a fresh way,” agreed fee de foret.

Turning reprinted images from editorials into covers is nothing unusual for international editions of Vogue. But I normally tend to think reprints fail to make good cover images since it is often clear that the image was not originally meant to be used for a cover when it was shot. But I would have to agree with the majority here that this beautiful and summery image of Doutzen makes for a great cover. Interesting fact: Doutzen was rumored to be on the cover of the Vogue UK January 2013 issue with an image from this editorial but ended up losing the cover to Kate Upton