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Christy Turlington Wears Tom Ford on the Cover of Harper’s Bazaar… and it’s Awesome (Forum Buzz)

Christy Turlington Harper's Bazaar Cover June/July 2013 issue. Photographed by Daniel JacksonThank you Harper’s Bazaar for proving that Tom Ford’s Fall 2013 collection is in fact, amazing. Apparently all it took to illustrate that was putting one of his dresses on supermodel Christy Turlington and having Daniel Jackson photograph it. Simply styled with pulled back hair and minimal makeup, Christy looks STUNNING. But then again, Christy pretty much always looks stunning, so I can’t fully credit the Bazaar team for that. I can credit them, however, for keeping the cover clean and minimal. Christy. Fashion Runs Wild. That’s all we need to know.

“What's not to love?” vogue28 asked.

Fiercification couldn’t help gushing over the cover shot. “That collection kicks so much ass, I don’t care what anyone says,” he laughed. “Even though it's far too early to see Fall/Winter items, I can appreciate Bazaar showing them already since this is a June/July issue… Christy looks amazing; her pose is a little animalistic, but it works so well. I’m digging everything about this.”

Hfgl, a model aficionado, also jumped aboard the admiration train. “Well, that is a dream come true! It's just perfect,” she commented.

Luxx also shared a worthwhile observation. “The use of the Tom Ford gown with its zebra mohawk is absolute genius on this cover – certainly fits with the fashion gone wild theme!”

Full disclosure – and I believe I’ve shared this before – Christy Turlington is my all-time favorite model and she can essentially do no wrong in my eyes. So, needless to say, I’m slightly obsessed (to put it mildly). I love everything about this.

Also worth seeing in this issue? Bazaar’s take on Alexander Wang’s first collection for Balenciaga (which editor Glenda Bailey was reportedly very excited about) as photographed by Melvin Sokolsky. It’s not even summer but Bazaar’s making the prospect of upcoming fall look super appealing.

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