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A Stunning Catherine McNeil Stars in Donna Karan’s Fall 2013 Campaign (Forum Buzz)

Catherine McNeil Stars in Donna Karan's Fall 2013 Campaign

Model Catherine McNeil was shot by photographer Mikael Jansson for the new Donna Karan Fall 2013 campaign, for which a sneak peek was released today. Catherine McNeil, who made a surprising and enormously successful runway comeback this season and opened and closed a total of 11 shows, is seen wearing a sassier version of a runway look, posing seductively in front of male model Andres Velencoso. The campaign is set in an atelier with the New York Skyline being visible in the background and it marks the return of McNeil as being the face of the Donna Karan brand after having already starred in a campaign for the line 6 years ago.

Forum members were enthusiastic about seeing Catherine McNeil back in the high fashion campaign scene.

"This is so beautiful!!!!!!!!! Expect Cat will be the queen of this campaign season," exclaimed congacon.

"Soo stunning. Both models look great! Best way to start this campaign season," agreed alonsoJonathan.

Melancholybaby joined the chorus of praise and added, "This is hot! Love the styling and the chemistry between Catherine and Andres."

Catherine McNeil Stars in Donna Karan's Fall 2013 Campaign

"What a lovely duo. Catherine not only looks mesmerizing and evokes glamour, but I love how she's essentially seducing him. Andres' sex appeal and stare only emphasizes how strong, sexy, and glamorous this campaign is. I feel like the ad seems to be depicting some furniture designer enthralled by Catherine and her sex appeal. Oh, and I have to point out that I think the New York bridge in the background is a lovely touch," analyzed LagerfeldBoy.

It is surprising that forum members are already in the mood for dark fall campaigns when summer in most countries has not even started yet. I personally find the campaign too brown and depressing but can't argue with anyone over McNeil looking simply beautiful in this campaign and I would not be shocked if congacon ended up being right with his notion about McNeil snatching a few more campaigns this Fall 2013 season.

Image credits: and Facebook/Donna Karan via the tFS forums