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Vogue Spain June 2013 Fails to Excite with ‘Boring’ Anja Rubik Cover (Forum Buzz)

Vouge Spain June 2013 - Anja Rubik

Many June 2013 covers that have been released so far have resonated well with tFS forum members. Vogue Spain, however, is not getting our rave reviews. The cover, shot by Giampaolo Sgura and featuring Polish top model Anja Rubik, is reminiscent of a vintage Richard Avedon image of Lauren Hutton, as vogue28 and kokobombon pointed out. Forum members weren't fond of the colors and each seemed to have additional complaints about the cover image.

Congacon didn't like the pose, the clothes and Rubik's facial expression: "Her expression and the clothes don't match. It is supposed to be a sexy cover and she delivers a confused and dumb look. It would have been a nice cover if she could give a better pose."

AL92 didn't like the plain brown background: "Anja looks very soft and gentile but the colour composite used could have done with more thinking, especially that background." 

For justaguy the main issue is that Anja's eyes "look so sad and empty." Mat Cyruss simply found the cover "boring" and ForChicSake thinks that Vogue Spain needs to "mix it up with the models. Some Asian and Black model covers would be nice every now and then." 

While most members agreed that the cover was dull and boring, some loved it. Vogue28 commented, "I love everything about the whole cover. I couldn't be more happier about Giampaolo Sgura shooting cover stories for Vogue Spain now – I love most of his work. The fact Anja's on the cover is another bonus."

Rubik and Sgura have collborated for a Vogue cover before and the outcome was similarly disappointing back then, so maybe this duo just doesn't mesh well. I don't find quite as many flaws in the cover as some forum members do but would have to agree that this cover falls flat and is not on par with what other international Vogue editions have delivered this month.

Image credit: Facebook/Vogue Spain via tFS forums