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Luella Bartley is Back and Designing for Marc by Marc Jacobs! (Forum Buzz)

Luella's last collection, Luella Spring 2010Luella Fall 2009

Kaitie Hillier and Luella Bartley have been named Directors of the Marc by Marc Jacobs brand. This marks Bartley’s return to designing after a 4-year hiatus. Bartley, a favorite among celebrities such as Alexa Chung and Sienna Miller, went out of business with her Luella brand due to financial difficulties in 2009. Since then she had mostly been active as a fashion writer. Forum members are excited about having Luella Bartley back on the clothing design scene. 

“This is fantastic news! I missed Luella dearly!” shared deflyricist2006. Marc10 agreed, “This is really exciting news. I think we were all missing Luella in the business and Marc by Marc is right up her alley. Great things to come.”

“I hope we can see a full on Luella quirkiness in the future, so excited about it!” stated Pricciao

Luxx wrote: “This is a really fascinating and cool development. Love the idea of two people headlining things and both getting appropriate credit. So often the designers heading up the accessories side of things are never mentioned, even though their contributions are essential to the monetary success of so many big brands. Where would some of these labels be without shoes and handbags! This is also magical for fans of Luella. Her presence has been missed — I expect a delightfully quirky collection.” 

“I think this is really interesting in terms of brands trying to build their diffusion lines into full-blown brands on their own right. McQ hired Alistair Carr, MbMJ these 2 ladies, it will be interesting to see if other labels will take this step as well,” observed thejarc

Bartley will take on the role of Design Director. She is joined by Katie Hillier who will be the Creative Director. Hillier had previously been designing jewelry and accessories and consulted for Marc Jacobs and Victoria Beckham, as well as the Luella brand. The new duo is expected to present the first Marc by Marc Jacobs collection under their creative direction for Fall 2014. This is the first time Marc Jacobs has appointed other designers to design for his diffusion label and we think he made a great choice!

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