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Olga Kurylenko Graces Vogue Ukraine July 2013 Cover (Forum Buzz)

Image Credit: Facebook/Vogue Ukraine via the TFS Forums

Image Credit: Facebook/Vogue Ukraine via the TFS Forums

Actress and former model Olga Kurylenko covers the July issue of Vogue Ukraine. Photographed by Phil Poynter, the somewhat plain image of Olga, who starred in the 2008 James Bond movie Quantum of Solace, shows her wearing a Miu Miu Spring 2013 dress while posing against an anthracite background. Opinions by tFS forums members about the simple cover differed. Miss Dalloway commented that she found Olga “crazy photogenic and beautiful” and that it is “a gorgeous cover, even if the layout could have been better.”

“I don't know who she is or the photographer or what she's wearing but to me it looks like a campaign, not like a worthy magazine cover image, I don't know, the pic looks great but perhaps it's the Photoshop or the lighting but to me there's something that doesn't work with this picture,” analyzed Bertrando3.

Bertrando3  wasn’t the only one to complain about the excessive use of Photoshop: “This is nice but quite boring when compared to their previous covers. Olga is a stunning woman and they shouldn't have photoshopped her face so much,” wrote Elfinkova.

And MyNameIs disagreed about it falling flat in comparison to their other covers and summed up: “Although they haven't had a bad cover yet, this is probably my favorite one. It's so crisp, fresh and chic. Love the colors, love the lighting, love that they don't overkill their cover with text. Olga looks beautiful. If I had to find a negative, I'd say it's a bit over-photoshopped, but somehow it works with the overall cover.”

As a Ukrainian native, Olga is a great choice for the cover of this Vogue edition. Despite having been a successful model for several years before branching out into acting, 34-year old Olga has never appeared on a Vogue cover before. Olga is a stunning woman, indeed, and women like her making it onto the cover is one of the many reasons to appreciate the various international editions of Vogue that emerged more recently. It is a shame this cover shot doesn’t quite do her beauty justice, but it is a delight to see someone as unexpected as her on a high fashion magazine cover. And MyNameIs rightfully pointed out that Vogue Ukraine is yet to have a 'bad' cover. Although this is only its 5th issue, they have been fairly consistent in delivering unusual and interesting covers and a let-down is definitely not in sight yet!