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Christopher Kane Surprises With Amazing Resort 2014 Collection (Forum Buzz)


Image: WWD

Scottish designer Christopher Kane has released a Resort collection that is so good, it almost makes you forget that Resort season is usually not quite the highlight on everyone’s fashion calendar. Having been inspired by "the long, intersecting lines of computer graphics from the Seventies and Eighties," according to WWD, he has livened up the season by delivering a quirky and intelligent collection that has managed to receive nothing but compliments from members of the tFS forums. 

“I can't stop starring at this collection. Fascinating!” said Moofins.

GERGIN stated that it is "easily one of the most innovative resort collections ever…combining uniqueness, originality and elegance into all these amazing looks.”

“This is such a cool and interesting collection, I'm in love with everything about it,” wrote TREVOFASHIONISTO.

And Vitamine W added, "Christopher Kane is again proving himself to be at the absolute top in fashion design these days. Amazing collection, great innovative ideas & immaculate execution!”

StoneSkipper swooned, “How great is this? I'm in awe. The rendered naked bodies and wildflowers, and the denim, and the diamond buttons, and the cut-outs – I'm in love.” 

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This collection is deservingly getting rave reviews from tFSers. Some looks here are so brilliant, it almost makes me overcome the trauma of having looked at too many lackluster, badly styled and plain hideous outfits in a large number of Resort collections in the last few weeks. This is a highlight because it doesn’t give in to the idea that Pre-Collections need to be mostly just wearable and completely toned down and instead delivers something completely new. Those laced body and flower-shaped images in the sweaters and dresses? Brilliant. The play with silhouettes in those lace dresses? Awesome. The use and combination of various materials and colors? Fabulous. I guess it is safe to say that Kane has truly outdone himself with this collection, especially considering this is “just” Resort. Bravo!