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Andreea Diaconu and Edita Vilkeviciute Look Sexy in Juicy Couture Fall 2013 Campaign (Forum Buzz)


Image Credit: via the tFS Forums

Juicy Couture tracksuits are not exactly the epitome of sexiness, but when you have two flawless models like Andreea Diaconu and Edita Vilkeviciute modeling for your campaign, you might as well put them in leopard tracksuits and they will still look hot as hell. Photographed by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, the theme for the campaign is “sexy and wild,” according to WWD and shows the two models posing lasciviously on a pink sofa. Like last season, a collage-like effect was used on the images, which seems to set off the models from the background. Opinions about the images were divided on the tFS forums, with Elfinkova having been the first to voice one of the most popular opinions. “Love the cast, hate the outcome,” he wrote. Teaars (“Andreea and Edita, two of the hottest girls in HF, unfortunately I hate the images themselves, the colors are nice though…”) and Moofins (“The cast is stellar, the images are tacky”) both agreed. And zacatecas570 added, “This could have been a great campaign, the cast is great, the set is cool, but the poses are just so awkward they look so uncomfortable!”

Juicy2TREVOFASHIONISTO commented, “For two sexy girls I don’t think they mesh well in these shots. I prefer Edita and Magdalena together. I do love the colors though.”

“*enters thread* sees velvet tracksuits *leaves thread*,” wrote Marc10

With two of the released campaign images featuring the same leopard velvet tracksuit and one of the eyewear shots showing Edita wearing a leopard top, I found all the leopard and velvet to be overkill, too. But I cannot deny that Edita and Andreea are beautiful and sexy enough to pull this  off and still look great. The campaign seems to heavily focus on the velvet tracksuits and accessories, probably a smart marketing move, with the tracksuits being Juicy Couture’s signature pieces and accessories being known to always sell well for most brands. While past campaigns featured more fashion forward pieces from their collections, this seems to be going back to the roots and illustrating the brand’s identity more obviously. And for further proof of the two models’ sexiness, watch the campaign video below.