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Amanda Murphy Looks Like a Movie Star in The New Prada Campaign (Forum Buzz)

Image Credit: Instagram @kegrand

Image Credit: Instagram @kegrand

Always one of the most anticipated campaigns of the season, the release of a new Prada campaign is guaranteed to get tFS members excited. Lensed per usual by Steven Meisel, the campaign is supposedly only starring one model this season, “new face” Amanda Murphy. This casting choice doesn’t come as a surprise to some as the American model already opened and closed the last Prada runway show and was seen in film sequences that were playing in the background at the show. The 24-year old model first appeared on the scene in 2008 and had not been seen in any major work prior to being booked for several decent Pre-Fall 2013 shows, which led to casting director Ashley Brokaw booking her for the Proenza Schouler and the Prada shows in the Fall 2013 runway season. With many forum members being unfamiliar with the model, the opinions on her look in the Prada campaign were divided. 

“Amanda looks like a movie star, which is appropriate given the cinematographic nature of the collection,” commented HeatherAnne

Teaars agreed about Amanda looking like a movie star and TREVOFASHIONISTO also noted that her face looked “so cinematic.”  

And Fiercification added, “I am seriously falling in love with this girl, she has such a unique, commanding presence. This is the hottest she's ever looked, from any perspective you look at it. Love the late 60s, early 70s glam movie star look I get from the campaign so far. Glorious.”

Other members stated the opposite. 5 8 6 wrote, “She looks beautiful and she suits the collection's mood perfectly, but I'm a little bit disappointed especially because the fashion show was so great that I was expecting something more dramatic and cinematic from Meisel.”  

This less enthusiastic view was also supported by Elfinkova who didn’t understand the praise for Amanda and said that she looked “like a corpse bride” and Kallu who found that the model looked “boring” and “not good.” 

It is true that the runway show had a very cinematic feeling to it and that this could have been translated into a campaign wonderfully. But even if the whole campaign should be kept as minimal as this first shot, this is so alluring and striking that I have no complaints. Amanda looks like a timeless beauty here and with her intense stare she has won me over. With more shots expected to arrive soon, this campaign is sure to keep the tFS forums buzzing for a while!