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Vogue Italia Releases 6 Different Covers for July Issue (Forum Buzz)


Image Credit: via the tFS Forums

While for other magazines, such as i-D or Muse, it is completely normal to release multiple covers per issue, it is quite a rarity for Vogue Italia. For the July 2013 issue, Steven Meisel shot six different covers, all of which are foldouts and, according to the tagline, celebrate “Revolution… in 25 Years of Fashion.” Cover models include original supermodel Linda Evangelista, Gisele Bündchen, icons Raquel Zimmermann, Stella Tennant and Natalia Vodianova, as well as Meisel favorite Meghan Collison and new Prada faces Amanda Murphy and Cameron Russel, who share a cover. The first cover that was previewed on the tFS forums was Stella Tennant’s, which seems to be the main cover but was not received with much enthusiasm.

“To be frank I'm sick of Stella and I wish she would go away for a while,” admitted Fiercification

He was not the only one to feel this way, with jeffandtheworld, Greenway, gossiping and vogue28 all making similar statements and agreeing that they would rather have seen another model in this. 

And anlabe32  added, “She's become so boring and depressing to look at this point. She's the only flaw here. The rest looks fun and exciting.”

Others, like VogueDisciple93, did not comment on the cover model but found that the concept of the cover with Stella seemed “old.” And niknak voiced corresponding criticism saying, “I hate the theme honestly. I want something refreshing now VI. I want new(er) girls too!!”


Needless to say, forum members were delighted to find out there are several more covers to choose from and mused about which cover they liked most. And cottonmouth13 simply exclaimed, “These covers are absofreakinlutely amazing!  I'm in love with all of them!”  

In all honesty, none of the covers strike me as particularly interesting or unique, and I don’t quite share the excitement over these covers. The shots are so crowded with models, it is hardly surprising the mega cast is all one can focus and comment on. No doubt this model lineup is stellar and there is guaranteed to be at least one model you like among the cover stars, but do we really need a full editorial printed as different covers for just one issue? I am personally not so sure about that. But decide yourself and go on Vogue Italia’s website to see all of the covers for this issue.