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Saint Laurent Mens Spring 2014 Isn’t Actually All That Bad (Forum Buzz)

Saint Laurent Men's Spring 2014, image: IMAXtree

Saint Laurent Mens Spring 2014, image: IMAXtree

If you can ignore the awkward model casting, that is. Hedi Slimane has once again opted to cast a bunch of anti-models for his show when presenting the new Spring 2014 Menswear collection in Paris last weekend. The disturbingly skinny boys that walked the show caused a major distraction for forum members who commented on the collection. 

“This is like, the worst casting in the history of ever. About the clothes, some of it is good, some of it is excessive (cropped leopard tailored jacket? Really, now?) and most of it just isn't worth the price it'll probably cost,” wrote StoneSkipper.

The collection itself is aesthetically very much on par with everything else Slimane has shown under the Saint Laurent brand so far. However, forum members cited various improvements which they have noticed in this collection compared to last season. TheItGirl  liked the shoes, many members were pleased with the various rather obvious sub-/popcultural references (the Teddy Boy movement and David Bowie were among those named repeatedly) and Marc10 was a fan of the whole collection and said, “Tailoring was impeccable, outerwear was impeccable, shoes were so good. I'm definitely in love, bound to be another hit collection.”

Saint Laurent is said to be doing well commercially, but Slimane's outings have hardly been a success amongst fashion connoisseurs thus far. In this collection, most tFS forum members did not like the fit of the pants, regardless of the fact that only freakishly skinny legs will fit into those anyway.

“The trousers look so bad on the models. What man wants those high waisted things?” asked TREVOFASHIONISTO.

And yesitsdagny added, “The top parts of the looks are rather good I'd say. There are some cool jackets and blazers. But the trousers and shoes are horrible. It must be the styling that makes the collection as a whole look so cheap…” 

Saint Laurent Men's Spring 2014, image: IMAXtree

Saint Laurent Mens Spring 2014, image: IMAXtree

VogueDisciple93 seems to think that Slimane failed on all levels with this collection. He commented, “I honestly don't know how you guys can focus/notice the casting when these awful clothes make my eyes shudder. I opened the thread thinking that maybe he will put together a decent collection since last season was rock bottom. Well boy was I wrong, he just showed that rock bottom had a basement and it's this collection.”

Mr-Dale shared a less radical view and perfectly summed up my feelings about the collection as he wrote, “Genius? Idiot? Rebel? I don't know, but it sure makes it all very interesting.”