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Squinting Won’t Help, Carven’s Fall 2013 Featuring Marine Deleeuw is Intentionally Blurry (Forum Buzz)

All images via Carven

All images via Carven

Viviane Sassen photographed runway sensation Marine Deleeuw for Carven’s Fall 2013 ad campaign, but it seems she found the landscape to be of more interest than the lady. While blurring Marine and her various ensembles was obviously an intentional artistic choice, I can’t say it’s really the best way to sell clothes. The risky approach garnered mixed reviews in the forums

“Too blurred, not cool,” GIVENCHYlover posted. 

Gossiping, on the other hand, wrote, “I love it! Really gorgeous.”

Carven-Fall-2013-1 Carven-Fall-2013-2 Carven-Fall-2013-4 Carven-Fall-2013-5

Crying Diamonds was also a fan. “I really like it,” he posted. “It's as if the photographer saw something stunning in the background and focused on that at the last second. Also love the negative space with the fitted dress and the super-size coat in the pink shot.”

Teaars tipped the scales toward rave reviews as well. “I can never not love Viviane's work and this is no exception,” he shared. “I actually quite like the blurred effect. Marine looks good even when blurred, like a painting.”

My indecisive side tends to agree with everyone at the moment. But I like Carven, I like Viviane Sassen, and I like Marine, so I’m leaning toward a favorable feeling when I pore over these images. But still… does anyone else feel like it’s time for an eye exam?