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Cosmo Australia Recycles Flare Mag’s 3-Year-Old Miranda Kerr Cover — Minus Some Photoshop

Image: FashionModelDirectory (left) / Cosmopolitan Australia FB (right)

Image: FashionModelDirectory (left) / Cosmopolitan Australia FB (right)

Looking at Cosmpolitan Australia's August 2013 cover (right) featuring Miranda Kerr, eagle-eyed tFS forum member Eterna noticed that the publication recycled the image from Canadian fashion magazine Flare's Fall 2010 issue, but ran it with significantly less airbrushing. Flare's cover (left) shows the model with lighter skin, an irresponsibly lean torso and a narrower face — it looks like Kerr's had the life sucked out of her. 

The model initially posed for the cover shot as part of a lingerie story for Flare (there's a behind-the-scenes video from the 2010 shoot here), which is owned by Rogers Communication, a Toronto-based media company which has an established partnership with divisions of Hearst Corporation, the New York City publishing giant which operates the global Cosmopolitan brand. 

It's not too uncommon for magazines to license and reuse cover images (here's Jessica Alba on the front of British GQ November 2010; here she is again, just flipped horizontally and Photoshopped into 80s neons, on the cover of Shape Russia's April 2012 issue), but it is rare to see a redux that's better than the original. 

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