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This Raf Simons Editorial in September Harper’s Bazaar May Be the Worst Ever (Forum Buzz)

Is this Raf Simons editorial the worst editorial in a September issue? (Forum Buzz)

“Raf Simons : Force of Nature” by Skye Parrot. Image Credit:

It’s not like we are not used to finding ourselves being baffled when flipping through an issue of Harper’s Bazaar every now and then. From putting model Hailey Clauson into awkwardly cheap looking robot outfits to using a computer generated Smurfette as a model in its fashion editorials, the magazine seems to have a weakness for creating comical fashion content that more often than not seems rather inappropriate for an American high fashion publication. But an editorial dedicated to Raf Simons' latest Christian Dior collection, starring Simons himself as well as two female models, in the important September issue surpasses all other questionable efforts by the magazine in its awfulness. tFS forum members failed to find anything nice to say about the story, which was shot by Skye Parrott and features artwork by Robert Longo.

“This is so bad it's not even funny,” commented Melancholybaby

And Housseyin asked, “Wow, that Simons ed, is that for real ???”

“Raf's editorial is just comical,” remarked rougevalentino.

Jmrmartinho didn’t appreciate the intentionally (?) bad editorial either. He wrote, “I’m laughing so hard with the Dior editorial. Did they really think that was cool? On the first image Raf looks like he is being eaten by the Givenchy shark and the other images are pure kitsch.”

“Oh my Gods, the Raf Simons editorial is beyond atrocious!,” agreed Nepenthes.

Is this Raf Simons editorial the worst editorial in a September issue? (Forum Buzz)

Image Credit:

Could this possibly be the worst September editorial of this year? Can a not-so edgy or fashion-forward Harper’s Bazaar afford to print such a trash culture type of editorial in its September issue? It would perhaps make a difference to see this kind of editorial in a less serious publication that caters to a different audience than Harper’s Bazaar. The poor execution of a horrifyingly bad concept here nonetheless actually amuses me and I’m not sure I support the idea of having something as amateurish as this published in a major magazine at all. What do you think?