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Tao Okamoto Scores Vogue Japan’s October Cover (Forum Buzz)

Tao Okamoto on the cover of Vogue Japan October 2013

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Although Japan is known to be a very fashion-forward country and it has spawned some of the most talented designers in the world, not many fashion models have managed to establish themselves among the slew of supermodels that regularly grace covers of the most important international high fashion magazines. Tao Okamoto is a rare exception. She has been modeling for several years, always with quite notable success, and has managed to attract an even broader fan base recently after starring in this year’s summer blockbuster The Wolverine. That’s reason enough for her to land another Vogue Japan cover, her second one after November 2009, when she had the whole issue dedicated to her. Forum members were pleased to finally see a Japanese model on Vogue Japan again and most of them liked the cover image, which was shot by Patrick Demarchelier.

“It's so good to see a Japanese model get the cover after 3 years! Go Tao!!!” cheered LabelWhore4.  

“I love this, so amazing to see Okamoto score the cover, and the despite the crazy text I like the cover,” added Miss Dalloway

Luxx praised the great styling on the cover saying, “Tao and Celine, I couldn't ask for more! Love that they're showcasing those phenomenal boots – I'm convinced every woman blessed with great legs ought to be a pair. They look divine on Tao!”

Bertrando3 agreed about the boots but wasn’t entirely happy with the cover. "Those boots are hot on her… héhé and I like her face but the rest not so much and the amount of text is insane,” he laughed.

Never did I think anyone could make this Celine dress look appealing to me, but Tao Okamoto has succeeded in making this whole outfit look interesting and perfect. It doesn’t really matter that she is drowned in a stupid amount of text and the Go British! tag seems somewhat puzzling, this cover is well-deserved and solid and we are excited to see more!