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Elle Fanning Looks Fresh and Beautiful On Miss Vogue Australia’s Debut Issue (Forum Buzz)

Elle Fanning on the cover of Miss Vogue Australia

image credit: via the tfs forums

Following the launch of British Miss Vogue earlier this year, Australian Vogue released its own version of the more teen-oriented edition of Vogue this month and chose actress Elle Fanning for the cover of its premier issue. Edited by former Oyster editor Alice Cavanagh, the publication is said to be aimed at a younger audience than the original Vogue, which is clearly demonstrated not just by the choice of cover star but also the styling, the quirky masthead and the featured celebrities inside (Lorde , Alexa Chung, Iggy Azalea). The cover found approval on the tFS forums, with many members applauding the use of Elle Fanning.

“Such a cute cover! And Elle is a perfect fit for their first issue,” wrote Tinsley V

“Very nice cover and Elle is perfect here!” agreed justaguy

Peachescream had mixed feelings about the cover. She posted, “I LOVE Elle and I think this was an incredibly smart choice for the first cover but I am so distracted by the one sleeve pushed up one sleeve pushed down thing I can't quite get into this cover.”

Kite also had issues with the styling but for another reason. He raised the point that it was idiotic to feature a £1,500 Givenchy sweater on the cover considering the magazine’s target audience, but several other members defended the styling, such as Egoiste who wrote, “I think the styling is superb. Elle looks fresh, beautiful and very youthful.”

I share those sentiments about the cover and find myself charmed by Fanning’s beautiful smile, the youthful styling and the non-fussy layout. It seems that Miss Vogue Australia is off to a good start!