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Numéro China’s November Cover With Toni Garrn Is Stunning (Forum Buzz)

Toni Garrn on Numéro China November 2013

image credit: weibo/numerochina via the tfs forums

Numéro China has proven to be one of the strongest fashion publications in recent months by consistently delivering impressive covers and editorials. For this month’s cover, German model Toni Garrn posed in front of photographer Txema Yeste’s lens for an image that beautifully represents this Haute Couture themed issue. The outcome is gorgeous, to say the least, and was met with a lot of praise on the tFS forums. 

“Stunning cover, Toni blends very well with the rest of the cover. Kind of experimental mystical Indian vibe,” wrote Nymphaea

And justaguy swooned, “Toni's innocence is what makes this cover really work. She almost acts like a backdrop which really complements the styling of the cover. Just beautiful!”

Forum members also discussed the model choice following MyNameIs's post, which said, “Interesting idea but terrible model choice. Don't get me wrong, Toni looks beautiful as usual, but she has no attitude in print and her facial expression is not strong enough to shine from all that noise going around her. What ends up happening is that she's completely overpowered and that tulle becomes the star of the cover. Not a good result.”

“This is gorgeous, I think it is the perfect model choice. I couldn't have imagined someone who is 'stronger' in print for a cover like this. (And that being said, I think Toni has improved a lot in the last couple of years.),” defended sore.

I couldn’t agree more with justaguy and sore who find Toni to be the perfect model for this concept. Toni, who’s probably best known for dating Leonardo Di Caprio and being a Victoria’s Secret model, is possibly used to having her modeling skills questioned, but with this cover being thoroughly flawless in my eyes, I have very little reason to do this here at this point.