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032c Releases Weird Cover With Rihanna for Its Winter Issue (Forum Buzz)


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Culture and fashion magazine 032c is known for its extreme, powerful and unique editorials and covers. More often than not it succeeds in delivering interesting and arresting images. For its Winter 2013/2014 issue, however, the magazine used an image of singer Rihanna, shot by Inez & Vinoodh, that left tFS forum members puzzled. Not just because it is unusual for the magazine to feature an overexposed popstar on the cover, but also because the cover shot is anything but alluring or flattering.

“Horrible cover and not really what I expect / want from this magazine. I can have Rihanna on every mainstream magazine around, why here too? Hopefully the content will make up for it. If not… bye,” posted mistress_f 

VogueDisciple93 hopes this isn’t the only cover for this issue. He wrote, “That 'tail' of hair disturbs me to no ends. I hope this is a multi-cover issue.“

KissMiss added, “I think she is a very beautiful girl but I find this cover intensely ugly!” And LRlovesDaria went on to call this “one of [Rihanna’s] worst covers ever.”

Is this perhaps not just one of Rihanna’s worst covers but also one of 032c’s worst covers?