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John Galliano Is Guest Fashion Editor of UK Vogue’s December Issue (Forum Buzz)

Kate Moss & John Galliano by Tim Walker for UK Vogue December 2013

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Kate Moss covering an issue of British Vogue is hardly something to write home about. This is her 35th appearance on the cover of the UK edition. What makes it a hell of a lot more exciting is not just that the cover was shot by Tim Walker but most of all that the fashion content of the December issue was guest edited by none other than John Galliano.

The cover itself was not met with a lot of praise on the tFS forums. Most members found the cover shot to be weak but had high hopes for the content. 

Vogue28 analyzed, “Even though it's Kate Moss on the cover (which I'm thankful for), I'm underwhelmed with the cover as a whole. She's hidden under a mass of feathers (Vogue Paris October 2009's cover shot was way better), and at first I found it hard to make out her pose. The text placement is decent but still doesn't do the cover any justice. This is nothing compared to Kate's cover shot for the December 2008 issue — now that was December cover brilliance. The lack of character and depth is evident here.”

“Always love seeing Kate on the cover and lovely to see Galliano as the guest editor. He looks great in that preview shot. It's going to be a terrific issue,” wrote Jelavender

Kate Moss by Tim Walker on the cover of UK Vogue December 2013

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And Marc10 noted, “I don't love the cover (she looks a bit cross-eyed), but isn't the preview something! Galliano guest editor? By Tim Walker? Major.”

“She does indeed look cross eyed, this is a very bad cover although the issue looks interesting. The editorial preview is nice, I'm not a fan of the hair,” co-signed GarageGlamorous 

And jeffandtheworld found that “that pic with Galliano would make a lovely cover,” which I completely agree with. It would have been a bold move and it would have embodied the British fashion focus of this issue perfectly. Like most tFSers, I can’t wait to see what Galliano came up with for this issue.