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UK Harper’s Bazaar Celebrates Women with Cate Blanchett on Its December 2013 Cover (Forum Buzz)

Cate Blanchett on the cover of UK Harper's Bazaar December 2013

image credit: via tfs forums

Actress Cate Blanchett covers the December issue of UK Harper’s Bazaar, which celebrates the ‘Women of the Year’, as chosen by the magazine. The cover, shot by Ben Hassett, shows Blanchett in an Armani Privé gown, posing in front of a wall covered with frazzles of tulle. For the accompanying editorial, Blanchett was interviewed by Woody Allen as she stars in Allen’s recent movie Blue Jasmine. With Blanchett looking as beautiful as ever, it’s not surprising tFS forum members responded well to the cover image.

“How marvelous, now THIS is a December cover, love it!” swooned Miss Dalloway

“Beautiful! Cate's bringing in the holiday spirit just right!” agreed justaguy.  

Honeycombchild shared a similar view. He wrote, "I'm in love with Cate at all times but this is beautiful, exactly what I want my December covers to be. I feel like [editor-in-chief] Justine [Picardie] is reading the forums and bringing back in the glamour."

Other forum members were actually missing the glamour here, like tigerrouge, who posted, “It's still a cut above most other magazines sitting on the shelves, but for me, if this publication was a person, it would be the well-connected wife, rather the sensational lover who sets your heart and soul on fire…  It features all the right people and is always so well turned-out, but it's just unexciting, so constricted, a place where sex appeal has been rendered into an intellectual exercise, rather than an energetic force that an experienced woman can artfully express through her appearance on all sorts of levels. I WANT the glamour, but I'm being starved of it on every page, and instead, I'm having to read features about posh vegetable gardens and people who 'support the arts.'"

Glamorous or not, the cover shot itself is impeccable. Definitely a December cover to be excited about!