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Harper’s Bazaar Australia’s Nicole Kidman Cover is ‘Beautiful Albeit Unoriginal’ (Forum Buzz)


Harper’s Bazaar Australia’s latest issue pays homage to the holidays and to the golden age of its stateside sister issue. Starring Nicole Kidman shot by James White, the new cover is a recreation of the iconic Kate Moss one from Harper’s U.S. as it flourished under the late Liz Tilberis.

But while Nicole’s cover is certainly beautiful, it has left the forums wanting of a little more creativity. Justaguy thinks it "doesn’t come close to Kate’s classic cover, but [is] still pretty cool," while other commenters are labeling it a straight rip off.

We think the cover is stunning, and agree with Urban Stylin that Kidman photographs like a model (perhaps a string of campaigns with Jimmy Choo will do that to an actress). And seeing as it’s a Christmas cover, the snow globe and styling are spot on.

Perhaps the issue lies with the orb Nicole is holding, and the fact that there’s a miniature version of her trapped inside it. The longer we look at this, the creepier it seems – something user Luxx has picked up on too:

"The orb theme would be better if she wasn't holding a tiny Nicole Kidman in her hands, which is actually kind of creeping me out. In the Kate cover something similar is happening but the addition of the Christmas tree keeps it from being weird. Other than that the picture is beautiful albeit unoriginal."

We have to agree: Tiny humans trapped in orbs are a bit weird. It also makes us wonder if there’s a hidden meaning we’re supposed to be picking up on. But as far as homages go, it certainly does no disservice to the original.