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Karlie Kloss Covers Another Issue of Vogue Japan (Forum Buzz)

image credit: via the tfs forums

image credit: via the tfs forums

Clearly a Vogue Japan favorite, Karlie Kloss has landed her 3rd cover for the publication in just a little over half a year (it’s her 4th in total). Styled similarly as on her June cover, for the January 2014 issue, Karlie emulates the "Girls in Uniform" theme on the cover that is a little too cluttered with text.

But members of the tFS forums were mostly left unimpressed by the cover and the Karlie overload. 

“Another one? She has so many better VJ covers than this one, it just doesn't do anything for me,” wrote UpperEchelon

Nymphaea found that Karlie looked like an “Edie Campbell impersonator” on this cover, while teaars wondered when it was finally Japanese shooting star Chiharu Okunugi’s – she’s rumored to be in the new Celine campaign – turn to get a Vogue Japan cover. 

“Nothing Karlie does excites me anymore, but this is a decent cover,” justaguy chimed in.

It’s true that when a magazine features the same person on the cover over and over, it can easily get boring. But Karlie has obviously earned herself her superstar status and her staggering amount of Vogue covers only exemplifies that. I say yes to giving other models a chance as well, but why would I disapprove of having Karlie on the cover every three months if the result is always as solid as this?