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Louis Vuitton’s New Campaign with Arizona Muse and David Bowie: What’s the Deal with Those Masks? (Forum Buzz)

Image: Facebook/LouisVuitton

Image: Facebook/LouisVuitton

A couple weeks ago, Louis Vuitton released images and a teaser video from the latest installment of the brand's 'Art of Travel' campaign, starring David Bowie and Arizona Muse, and directed by Romain Gavras. Although the response to the ads in the forums has been negative overall, some tFSers went further, accusing the campaign of using blackface (in the image above). 

"Oh great, more blackface," said LabelWhore4.

From Shiru: "Blackface aside, what a horrible campaign."

But not everyone sees it that way. 

"Oh come on," says anlabe32, "those are supposed to be masks."

And more forcefully, from iclawhands: "Seriously?! People are going to call 'blackface' on this? So everyone's masked ball masks should be their skintone, yeah?"

The teaser video: