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Numéro China Delivers Again With a Striking Sung Hee Kim Cover (Forum Buzz)

Sung Hee Kim on Numéro China December 2013

image credit: weibo/numerochine

I will continue to flaunt my appreciation for Numéro China by presenting you its beautiful new cover for the December 2013 issue. Starring South Korean top model Sung Hee Kim, photographer Benjamin Lennox produced an interesting cover that earned praise on the tFS forums.

“I've never seen Sung look so striking, so happy for her to snag a major Asian cover. Can't wait to see the editorial,” posted member TheoG.  

Anlabe32 wrote, “I love it. And Sung Hee looks amazing!”

“I love how striking the cover is, is it meant to be slightly out of focus btw?” asked Cosmic Voices

Admittedly, given that the theme of the issue is Reflector, it seems a little odd to me as well that the lighting is not extremely flattering and that the shot is a little out of focus. But those effects add to the cover shot giving off a slightly eerie, dark vibe that I love. And could Sung Hee possibly look more stunning?