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We Hate to Admit It, but Lady Gaga’s Versace Ads Are Flawless (Forum Buzz)

Image Credit: facebook/versace via the tfs forums

Image Credit: facebook/versace via the tfs forums

Sometimes it is cool to hate on a celebrity because they have become too popular. Then you might suddenly love what they do because hating on them has become too mainstream as well. But soon they might reach a point of ridiculous overexposure where you cannot help but just yawn whenever you see them. Lady Gaga is probably currently stuck in the last one of these stages. Which is why barely anyone got excited about the news of her starring in the new Versace Spring 2014 campaign. But the outcome has surprised and impressed loyal fans and haters alike. Most members of the tFS forums were in awe of the images, shot by photographer duo Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott, which show Lady Gaga looking like a younger Donatella Versace and they saw no point in denying that this campaign looked rather stunning.

“This looks stunning!!!!! And I don't like Lady Gaga at all! She looks super sexy, absolutely sensual & everything beyond stellar!!!!! I never thought it would come out like this! Stunning work by [Mert & Marcus], Versace & Lady Gaga!” exclaimed miguelalmeida.  

“This is gorgeous! Lady Gaga looks 100% a Versace woman,” agreed Nepenthes

To which vogue28 added, “Bravo, Mert & Marcus and Donatella (and the rest of the team, of course). This looks sensational and completely embodies the Versace aesthetic. I doubt even the models could have embodied Donatella and the Versace brand this much — just love everything about it. Gaga's hair, the clothes and the colors are fantastic.”

And Chanelcouture09 perfectly summed up, “WOW! Stunning, I'm surprised I'm not loathing it, [Mert & Marcus] have definitely portrayed Gaga in an elegant and glamorous way, totally the opposite of the vulgarity of what I was imagining when you imagine Gaga being involved in something like this (excess, more-is-more, etc etc)…”