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Karmen Pedaru Puts on a Creepy Smile for the Cover of Vogue Turkey’s December Issue (Forum Buzz)

image credit: facebook/vogue turkey via the tfs forums

image credit: facebook/vogue turkey via the tfs forums

It’s rare we can find flaws in any of Karmen Pedaru’s work. The Estonian supermodel consistently delivers impressive blue chip campaigns and alluring commercial work. But her newest cover for Vogue Turkey December 2013 provoked an unexpected reaction from fans on the tFS forums.

“This is creeping me out. I love Karmen but this scares me,” wrote MON

The cover, lensed by Turkish photographer Cüneyt Akeroğlu, has a charming and solid concept. A close-up of a stunning model that is smiling and wearing a sparkly festive dress. So what went wrong?

Yesitsdagny further elaborated why this doesn’t work. She posted, “Her mouth looks huge in this photo. Like said above, it is indeed a creepy looking cover. When I saw the title of this thread I was quite excited but unfortunately I must say I'm disappointed. They have Karmen and the result looks like this? Such a shame.”

Maxlinden presumably also felt uncomfortable looking at the image. “Great, Harley Quinn has a Vogue cover!” he joked, comparing Karmen to the super villain from the Batman series.

“If her facial expression wasn't so bad this would be amazing,” gossiping correctly pointed out.

Sorry, Karmen, it pains me to write this, but with the effect this cover has had on most of us, we’d rather forget this cover ever happened.