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Cate Blanchett ‘Looks Like Helen Mirren’ on the Cover of Vogue Australia


After a string of sartorial and award show victories, Australia’s unofficial figurehead has finally been dealt a harrowing blow – at the hands of Photoshop and Vogue Australia.

Cate Blanchett was shot by photographer Steven Chee for the magazine’s February 2014 cover. At least we’re told it’s Cate Blanchett. The forums aren’t entirely convinced it isn’t the equally phenomenal but much older Helen Mirren, leaving a little perplexed as to why Blanchett’s alabaster skin has been ravaged by a few too many trips to the digital sunbeds.

“This would have been nice and fresh but what the hell did they do to her face,” asks UrbanStyling of the weird tan she definitely doesn’t have in real life. “Oh my god, what did they do her skin and hair?!" adds commenter t-rex, while jmrmartinho thinks she looks sunburned.

We can’t help but agree with DelicateFlower that maybe Vogue Australia’s retouching team got their January and February briefs mixed up.

“Last month Jessica Hart looked like a ghoulish water creature, now they make Cate Blanchett look ordinary? Very disappointing run of covers. What’s happened to the creative flair that Vogue Aus USED to have, cover-wise anyway?”

The cover is getting slammed even harder over on the magazine’s Facebook page.

At least the clothing is beautiful, Blanchett was styled by Jillian Davison in a bronze suit from Gucci’s Resort 2014, which is perfect on the actress and against the ocean background. The accompanying editorial is equally great.

Let this be a lesson not to mess with Australia’s spirit animal.