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Is Subscribing to Magazines Worth It?

After a thread was bumped on theFashionSpot last week, I began to think: Is it worthwhile to subscribe to magazines?

I used to subscribe to UK Elle but decided to cancel my subscription because I disliked its new format after a redesign. I replaced Elle with UK Vogue after I happened to stumble across an excellent subsription deal. I also subscribe to UK Harper's Bazaar because it offers subscribers an exclusive cover, so the thought of exclusivity forced me to make the annual commitment.

I was (secretly still am) a fanatic about getting a magazine in pristine condition, so never in my wildest dreams did I consider a subscription to Vogue. The thought of getting a damaged copy through the mail was almost unbearable (luckily no complaints thus far). Vogue's just one of those magazines which is an investment and a real coffee table statement.

What advantages does a subscriber get? Like Bazaar, many publications use exclusive subscription covers to entice new readers. Price is also a factor. My current Vogue subscription allows me seven free issues a year (paying full price for the remaining five). 'Free issues' being an incredibly clever choice of words and an excellent marketing tool. It's imperative you find yourself a good deal.

My one complaint is that sometimes you will see an issue in the stores before you recieve it through the mail, which can be frustrating after most publications entice their customers by stating they'll receive issues before its on-sale date.

Below is the subscription cover to UK Harper's Bazaar's April 2014 issue with Sarah Jessica Parker, photographed by Alexi Lubomirski.



See what I mean? Why wouldn't you want to subscribe to recieve this beautiful cover?

Overall, I am very content to subscribe to a magazine. My main reason is to keep the print industry alive. Ever since I started to collect fashion magazines in 2005, I've only ever known print versions and I'm still not completely fond of digital copies. There's something about holding a tactile issue and admiring the content in person which seals the deal for me.

I'm curious, which magazines (non-fashion magazines welcome) do you subscribe to? Check out the thread here. You can also visit 'Subscription Help' for questions you may have regarding subscribing to a particular publication.