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Vanessa Axente Scores Second Vogue Japan Cover (Forum Buzz)

The May 2014 cover of Vogue Japan surfaced on theFashionSpot forums today. Yes, you read that right…the May cover. Hungarian model Vanessa Axente wears Céline, photographed by Willy Vanderperre and styled by Nicoletta Santoro.



"A little bit of an eyesore but happy for Vanessa," wrote Creative

Psylocke also agreed, "Yeah, not her fault, obviously. But this is awful. That hair and that lipstick. Not to mention the ever so terrible layout. The pose is nice and very elegant, but seems weird in combination with that styling. I hope she has an editorial by Vanderperre inside that is much better than the cover shot."

As did anlabe32 who wrote, "Horrible! It's not her fault though… the text overload, the fact that the left side of the cover is a lot brighter than the right side and not to speak about those blue underlined headlines…Looks like a 1999's homepage of a website. I almost clicked on it."

So, the cover isn't off to a very good start with forum members, but I don't mind it. I admire the composition and how Vanessa's head sits nicely in the middle of the Vogue masthead. I also love the fact this particular piece from Céline's Spring 2014 collection actually looks wearable.

It's pretty safe to say the release of this cover won't outshine Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's American Vogue cover.

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