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L’Officiel Thailand Releases Extremely Tasteless May Cover (Forum Buzz)

Are the people behind L’Officiel Thailand actually ignorant about the scandal the Native American headdress at the Chanel Paris-Dallas show spawned? We can't imagine what prompted them to recreate the look for the May 2014 cover, starring Thai model/actress/singer Araya A. Hargate, who's also a L'Oreal spokesmodel. “Paris Dallas Now in Bangkok” reads the tag on the cover, which was posted on the tFS forums today. The featured outfit is stated to be from said Chanel collection.

L'Officiel Thailand May 2014

image credit: via the tfs forums

“I've never seen anything this tasteless,” commented jeffandtheworld, who posted the cover. And indeed, this cover image bears the potential to offend a lot of people. And not just because of the tacky layout. At this point, the excuse that you didn’t know any better just doesn’t cut it anymore, and this seems like a very insensitive move by whoever approved this cover. What are your thoughts? Comment below or voice your opinion in the forums, here