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We’re Bored by V Magazine’s Bondage-Inspired Madonna and Katy Perry Cover (Forum Buzz)

Madonna and Katy Perry have landed the cover of V magazine's Summer 2014 issue, entitled #89 The Power of Pop. Steven Klein photographs the duo in a provocative set up as they both wear skimpy outfits for the bondage-style cover shoot, under the watchful eye of Arianna Phillips. This isn't exactly something new and we're accustomed to seeing Madonna dresed like this. Quite frankly, I'm extremely bored with every element here.

V Magazine Summer 2014 Katy Perry Madonna


According to our forums, it seems like I'm not the only one who feels the shoot is very repetitive:

"Yikes. It looks like Katy's addition was an afterthought. Creeping in there. On another note, I'm so beyond bored of seeing Madonna with next to no clothes on. This doesn't shock me. Seeing her in an outfit where she didn't have it all hanging out and looked great, well, that would shock me," writes honeycombchild.

Miss Dalloway shares the same sentiments: "I'm just bored, and it feels like nothing we haven't seen from Madonna before. Zzzzzz. And Katy should be pissed, not only is she in the back, but her face is hard to recognize!! What Klein did to it in post production is not necessary, ever!"

Migeulalmedia joined the discussion and wrote, "Madonna did this concept to many times, if it was something more light and romantic, now that would be a change in recent years' work for fashion mags. I would love to see her lensed by Cuneyt Akerolgu, simple background, light, soft and powerful shots, with the focus only on Madonna and on what she can bring to the shoot with no gimmicks, for us to see a more personal and light side of her. Madonna, you had your fair share of S&M/Dominatrix shoots!"

However, forum member TeeVanity posted: "Woo I am loving the cover, I know Katy looks cropped in but it's still likable for me. Yes for Rosie's ed. Okay I'll be getting this issue."

Both ladies have a strong following, so I don't doubt the issue will sell like hotcakes when it becomes available on newsstands May 26. View two more covers within the thread here.