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This New Model Looks Like a Cross Between Gemma Ward and Vlada (Forum Buzz)

Not everyone believes in doppelgangers, but members of the tFS forums often deliver good proof that they do exist. In an aptly named thread called “Models Who Look Alike,” members post comparisons between models who often have more than just a few facial features in common. 

Kate Konlin @ IMG

image credit: Instagram @imgmodelsdevelopmentjenirose via the tfs forums

But the most astounding case of doppelgangerism I came across recently was while browsing the female model threads in the forums. New model Kate Konlin looks eerily like sorely missed retired supermodel Gemma Ward. The Israeli newcomer is signed with IMG Worldwide, Ward’s former agency. I cannot imagine that whoever discovered her did not notice the similarities. 

As *Bianca*, who created the thread for the new face, pointed out, Kate also bears resemblance to another hugely popular model from the so-called doll-faced models era: Vlada Roslyakova.

Is it going to help Kate’s modeling career that she reminds everyone so much of the two named models? Or is it going to be a problem that her look is not actually entirely unique? I don't think it will be possible for anyone to look at her and not immediately think of Gemma and Vlada. But with model stans everywhere in the world still yearning for a comeback of Ward and it not happening anytime soon, they might find a good replacement in Ms. Konlin. I am certainly intrigued. Let us know what you think!